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__________________________ (name of individual or firm) request Anderson Construction Mediation LLC (ACM)to serve as an impartial mediator in a construction dispute with __________________________ (name of individual or firm).

The nature of the dispute is _________________________________________________________. (attach a one page description if necessary)

I/We understand that:

  1. The mediator does not provide legal advice.
  2. Information provided to the mediator by either party is confidential.
  3. Either party may terminate at any time.
  4. Participation is purely voluntary but any written agreement reached by the parties has the standing of a written contract.


Each party to the dispute provides contact information for a single person with decision making authority to Anderson at or to 10160 Staples Mill Road, Glen Allen VA 23060.

Each party provides a written description of the dispute to Anderson. This description is not to exceed one page. A copy of the pertinent parts of a contract at issue may also be provided.

Each party provides a payment of $1,000 prior to the mediation.

On the day of the mediation a single representative from each party is invited to the above address for a box lunch to lay the foundation for a productive result. This is optional for both parties.

The mediator will meet individually with each party to better understand the interests of each party.

The mediator will meet a second time individually with each party to assist in moving to resolution.

After the second round of individual meetings the parties will meet together, with or without the mediator, to attempt to come to agreement.

If agreement is reached the mediator will assist in documenting the basics of the proposed agreement.

If no agreement is reached the parties are free to move to the next stage. I understand and agree with the above terms and procedure. (each party must provide this document)

____________________ (name of firm or individual)



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